Apple IOS Will Release IN THE Car

Core Tip: Apple's high-profile into a low-key acting systematically Andrews, curtain-car battle for the smart screen already opened, a mobile terminal imminent war. According to reports in the upcoming week, the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple, or will carry Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari and other partners to release the car in the smartphone operating system IOS in the Car.
Although this story did not get any official recognition of Apple, but Apple's entry into the automotive world about rumors for a long time. In June last year, rumors of its development of intelligent vehicle systems already rampant, particularly from the new generation of Apple's operating system iOS7 relevant code can be found in the presence of traces of vehicle systems.

If the rumors are true, regardless of significance for Apple will still auto industry. First, it would be Apple's first integrated Apple software on a non-Apple products. This means that after the death of its founder Steve Jobs, Apple is to enter the business beyond personal computers, music devices, handheld computers.
Of course, for the automotive industry in terms of its significance greater. Due to the special nature of the driving car design, consensus approach at this stage to define the operation of the onboard computer There are two, one steering wheel buttons with HUD (Head Up Display) system, the second is the voice input system. Apple's Siri system developed in this area has a more obvious advantages, the media said the vehicle system will integrate Apple's Siri intelligent voice assistant, drivers can use voice directly through Apple Maps Maps Navigation, watching movies, listening to music, playing phone and texting. With the success of Apple's app store same pattern has become one of the most widely used current number of intelligent system platform for software developers with low barriers to entry and development costs. In the promotion of universal application-level car has a great advantage. On the other hand, this is an important milestone in IT companies to enter the automotive sector, although previously disclosed google autopilot technology development are being developed, but so deep-rooted into Apple's R & D system is still regarded as the first car home.
In recent years, the Internet revolution, the effect technology has gradually appeared in various fields, from everyday taxi to financial services, with the popularity of smart phones, the Internet has tentacles deep into every aspect of people's lives. Cars, as people's lives frequent contact with the fourth screen, still a military commander to become the next battleground Internet mobile terminal. Although Google did not specifically publish intelligent systems for car, but by virtue of the high degree of openness of the Android system, after many product developers already installed Android system will fit together with the in-car navigation, car do smart tablet functions. One is Apple's high-profile march, is a low-key acting Android system, curtain-car battle for the smart screen already opened, a mobile terminal imminent war.

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