The iPhone 6 Will Launch a Large Screen of the iPhone

iPhone 6 - Large screen of iPhone
By reported that Apple may skip iPhone5S published directly iPhone6, then iPhone6 ​​in the end look like it , I think people are very curious , but what this year Apple released the iPhone5S or iPhone6 ​​it? Because, according to Apple's strategy has always been , if the product models without S, then it would be a big improvement with products.
4.7 inches and 5.6 inches two new iPhone, which is the next generation of iPhone 6. Also named 5.6 inches device may not iPhone. Some rumors echoed the earlier statement, especially Apple is using sapphire glass manufacturing the next generation of iPhone rumors 6 . Although the latest theory is that the sapphire screen designed for the new 5.6 inch models ready.

The iPhone 6 News apparently did not play the deviation from the design of Apple's design style, but evolved on the basis of 5 on the iPhone . With a one-piece body design , the same aluminum alloy and carbon fiber composition , size is also consistent with the iPhone 5. This design is the biggest visual impact that design without borders , without changing the body size of the premise, this can very well expand the screen , and the cancellation of the physical Home button , to multi-touch bottom. Configuration , iPhone 6 is equipped with 4.5 inches screen with a resolution of 754x1296 pixels , PPI reached 333. Equipped A7 processor , the battery capacity is 2800mAh, also has a 20 million pixel camera , there will be 16/32/64/128/256 this five -capacity version of the sale.

Note: No matter when the iPhone 6 will be published, if you want to buy a fully new iPhone to replace your old iPhone, you need to transfer your iPhone to computer or iTunes/iCloud for backup, so that you can quickly use your new iPhone 6 as well as the old one.

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