Wearable device manufacturers, ready to take Apple's big move!

Latest revelations, Apple is developing iOS 8 applications Healthbook, can be used to detect health data, including step counter, blood pressure, sleep quality, even if you've been drinking enough water. And more Madden, Apple's iPhone is likely not fully recorded Healthbook data, which means that Apple may launch a wearable device along, as if it is rumored iWatch, it appeals to the imagination.

Based 9to5mac exposure shots, Healthbook interface using a similar card with Passbook design. From this interface, we can glimpse into the people made Healthbook comprehensive self-quantification function - blood, heart rate, dryness, blood pressure, exercise, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, breathing, oxygen saturation, body weight, body fat ...... also there is a "first aid card," the name for the user records, doctor, taking medication and other critical medical information for emergency use.

Functions mentioned above, is not the iPhone or M7 chip capable of independently recorded, foreign media have speculated, Healthbook use will be combined with some external devices.

There are two guesses - Apple may open up its API to existing wearable equipment manufacturers, such as Jawbone, then sit embrace massive user information; also possible that Apple will produce its own wearable devices, applications with Healthbook use . Then a way that is likely to become the new Apple hardware tipping point..

But whether it is the kind of situation described above, Apple's Healthbook will:

featured will be a lot of features available in the market after blasting a single wearable applications. From then on, you no longer have to monitor weight, sleep, heat, etc. worn multiple wearable devices do not need to install the N data does not correspond to the respective application connectivity in the phone.

After becoming Apple's built-in applications, Healthbook can Apple itself has a mass of users, it is currently difficult to accumulate wearable vendors in a short time, and most want to seize the resource.

News that Apple is likely to announce the news at this year's WWDC. The future in terms of layout, Healthbook with Caller ID, as well as the integration of Siri iMessage very watchable.

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