iOS 8 installation continues to grow but at a slower rate as good as iOS 7

Apple once again updated the App Store distribution data pie, including iOS 8 installation rate has reached 60%. The statistics on November 24, announced earlier this month, more than 55 percent increase. Data show that installing iOS 8 is better than last year's rate of iOS 7. But Apple has pointed out in the conference, as a newly released mobile system, iOS 8 installation rate far exceeds the latest version of Android. At that time the statistics are that 48% of users have installed iOS 8, but only 25% of Android users have installed the latest version of KitKat, the majority (54%) of Android users still insist on using 2012 release Jelly Bean.

And, iOS 8 installation rate of growth is faster than Android. iOS 8 in more than 60 days will have a 60% installation rate, Android KitKat will need 313 days to reach 25%.

Let us not hesitate liter 8 liter iOS reason has not escaped, not functional, but the power consumption problem with Caton. With rich functionality and user interface elements, iOS experience of older equipment in the new system, of course, there will be insufficient, is to abandon the use of the new system or upgrade your hardware? Thought this problem only Android users need to consider, I did not expect iPhone users also have to face the problem of the day.


iOS 8 keyboard called the biggest change to the birth of the iPhone

When the first generation iPhone was released in 2007, the virtual keyboard can be said to be one of its most revolutionary feature. iPhone even after so many years of development and improvement, but the keyboard and no significant improvement in the last year Apple iOS 8 decision on a major update to the iPhone keyboard.

In iOS 8 virtual keyboard that can be text only integrates Lenovo's input system - QuickType, it also allows users to replace the native keyboard use third-party keyboard. Apple said: iOS 8 keyboard for a very significant portion of iPhone surrendered since the advent of change.
Now, just tap to select the appropriate recommendations for the next word. Moreover, third-party keyboard will also become the first choice possible. In the past, the way you are familiar with typing may soon be history.
In addition QuickType, Apple announced support for third-party keyboards also let a lot of people decided to surprise. Apple said iOS 8 for the first time open the keyboard to developers.

Once launched a new keyboard, you will be able to select your favorite input method or keyboard layout used throughout the system.
With the opening of iOS keyboard, now developers have been very active in making preparations, and before there is news that the third-party keyboard TouchPal already on iOS 8 experience, but the developer of this tool in the next few weeks to iOS 8 Beta users with this keyboard, keyboard for further testing.


How do doctors treat iOS 8 healthy function

This year the WWDC, integrated in iOS 8 in HealthKit is undoubtedly one of the highlights, Apple's first attempt health data from different sources to integrate, hoping HealthKit specification currently cohabitation wearable market, while allowing the data platform gradually involved in the medical field .
Well, the doctor is how to treat HealthKit this tool does? It really just "quantitative self" enthusiasts tool, or to accurately and effectively cut the health care market? On Quora, a doctor named Jae Won Joh given answer is: it has huge potential.
Jae said that in HealthKit integrated health data in, calories, sleep, heart rate and other types of data looks nothing special, really from a clinical perspective, there are four data types deserve special attention: diagnostic features, laboratory test results, medication and vital signs.

This means that it can save the user's past medical testing of all types of information, such as X-ray, CT, vaccination records, too dense history, what medications to take, take time, cause, etc. These data can be even 20 years ago .
Jae said that these data are stored in the cloud, as if by means of Touch ID to access these health data pass, and then compare the way the existing medical records, will think this is revolutionary.
"The New York of cancer patients and their families want to move to Michigan can now be more at ease, and she does not need hard to export their medical records from the hospital system in New York, but do not need to burn a radiology image DVD. She just use your fingers into the new EMR ...... injured patients were taken to a nearby low-level hospitals, found to have severe unstable ankle after imaging taken after senior hospital authorized by the patient, his data can be in a few within minutes to the new hospital, the surgeon can download these data to assess the need for emergency surgery, no longer cumbersome paper-based material through the iPad, no DVD image up. "
Jae HealthKit may be considered the first step in creating a common EMR, if Apple can choose the right partner, and that they will address the most difficult issues currently in the medical field - patient data transfer.


iOS8 unpublished function calls topped Secret WiFi

According to The Verge reported that Apple has officially released the new generation mobile operating system iOS 8, and a live demonstration of some of the new features and improvements. However, iOS 8 still has eight feature Apple did not mention in his speech.

Here is not mentioned on the Apple iOS 8 of eight new features:
1, WiFi calls
Apple's FaceTime video and audio has been achieved calls, while iOS 8 also adds support WiFi network calls. Earlier, the U.S. operator T-Mobile has already started to provide similar services to other smart phones, but the iPhone have been slow to keep up with the pace. T-Mobile USA confirmed that it will support WiFi calling features iOS 8, but the specific situation to determine the need later.
2, FaceTime call waiting
In addition to WiFi calling, iOS 8 also supports FaceTime call waiting feature. When a user calls with friends and family via FaceTime, you can choose to accept or reject the new FaceTime incoming requests. For those who frequently use FaceTime is concerned, this new feature will enhance the level of FaceTime to the traditional voice telephone service levels.
3, see each application's electricity consumption
While iOS 7, you can view the storage space occupied by each application, as well as mobile phone use since the last time the charge, but these procedures can not only electricity but. In iOS 8, users can view each application's electricity consumption. BTW, Android users have experienced several years ago to this feature.
4, the travel time notification
Years ago, Android system will have a travel time alerts, users can learn that they distance next appointment or the next destination as well as how long. Today, iOS 8 seems to have increased by a similar service, but do not know how the system will be deployed this feature may be combined with Siri, too, or will be integrated into Notification Center. Either way, it will give users convenience.
5 ,Tips Application
There are two possibilities, one is that Apple will launch an iOS device user manual application, the other is in addition to the traditional applications such as calculator, and then launch the application independent functions. Although the developers have released applications related tips on App Store, but if Apple's app can integrate with Siri, will get greater advantage.
6, focus and exposure can be independently controlled camera application
For those high-end photography iPhone users, third-party applications have already begun to use self-control focus and exposure. Apple's built-in iOS 8 above two functions so that users take better photos. If you start from the lock screen native camera application to use these features, and will definitely be more helpful.
7, increasing the DuckDuckGo search options
Safari browser iOS 8 joined the new engine settings, including search elements venture company called "DuckDuckGo"'s. With Google's idea is different, DuckDuckGo does not track users for advertising and information. Although visibility DuckDuckGo compare Google and Bing, but through integration with iOS 8 will help it gain more users.
8, Braille keyboards
Finally, iOS 8 added a Braille keyboard, but it is unclear the specific use of this feature. If we can allow blind users to use iPhone, it will have a huge impact on many people's lives.
It is understood that the developer preview version of iOS 8 has been formally launched, but the official version will also be available this fall. With iOS 8 further demystify, we will also learn more about the new features of the system.


IOS8 will send iOS7.1.1 jailbreak need to wait

Just have to look forward fruit powder iOS 8 released on the occasion, the god of a series of actions allows jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 attention continued to improve, great posture and iOS 8 to compete against.

Last week, the god i0n1c jailbreak and Winocm have successfully jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 released photos and videos on Twitter, so many trapped "in prison," the user to see the "out of jail" hope. The reason why users jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 so looking forward to, is due to older devices such as iPhone 4/4s gained more support iOS 7.1.1, run more smoothly, users choose to upgrade iOS 7.1.1 few so iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak news we got a lot of attention.
But regrettably, escape the great God who so far has not be released iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak tool signs. As we all know, i0n1c as early as March 2012 when he announced that never released jailbreak tool, but he has been the perfect jailbreak tool support fees, but also exposes once sold iOS 5.1 jailbreak vulnerability to Apple, it is widely believed that he release perfect jailbreak tool is unlikely.
Does this mean that it is impossible to iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak it? Of course not. Another successful jailbreak iOS has great God Winocm 7.1.1 for iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak tool like a good name - ac1dburn, but now iOS 8 released soon, this time to release iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak tool will affect iOS 8 jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak tool therefore a greater number of possibilities after the release of iOS 8 release, fruit powder need to wait.
"JailBreak" is a way to get the highest authority of the iOS system techniques, because it can break through the closed iOS system, bring more fun software, plug-ins for Apple users to get the favor of many fruit powder. In China, the third-party iOS App Store has more than 700,000 PP assistant application for users to download free jailbreak, both the latest and most popular games such as "X-Men reversal of the Future", is the most popular social networking applications such as micro-letters, unfamiliar street everything, you can download and install a key to let users get more freedom, more exciting mobile handheld experience.


Apple officials admit that iMessages problem The future will repair

In a statement sent to Re/code website, apple officially admitted iMessages problems, the problems before switching to other mobile phone iPhone users. If there is no closed iMessages, will not receive text messages in the new phone. Because the device to continue using iMessages agreement, even if the number has nothing to do with the iPhone.

Apple, has recently been repaired the server-side iMessages error, will in future software updates to repair the problem completely. Now also don't know when apple will release a software update, the patch is likely to mean that the iPhone will be in iMessages send messages into after failure. Also add to the server side error AppleCare representatives confirmed an employee kept quiet about the issue of the main reasons. Although the problems existed in the iOS 5, but only recently received attention. Last week, a user because of the problems the apple to court.


Samsung Galaxy S5 endurance test

This year's flagship phone of Samsung GALAXY S5 has been available for some time, how much I believe we have some of their own views on this phone. And compared to the previous generation S4, S5 updates particularly large magnitude can not be said, in addition to the new features three defenses, heart rate sensors and other hardware, the Samsung GALAXY S5 in the software is also optimized, such as the life of the system. Samsung GALAXY S5 battery capacity of 2800mAh, compared with the previous generation increased 200mAh, and for different situations optimized for life, what these optimizations have not really play a role?

Samsung S5 uses the company's energy-saving technology from LucidLogix suit "PowerExtend" power-saving technology, had also used in the GALAXY Note3. PowerExtend is a budget to reduce the burden by optimizing GPU, thereby reducing power consumption of GPU technology. The technology features in the Samsung S5 phone is mainly reflected in the web browser, the game is running, and cartography. PowerExtend technology is deployed in the system kernel level, without user intervention, but they can not turn itself on or off.

Normal mode: 1 hour video playback
In the following test session in which we were required to use everyday settings: Open WIFI, GPS module, the screen brightness to the middle of the open data movement. First look at the video playback endurance links, we will circulate a period 1080P video playback one hour, to detect the extent of consumption of electricity S5.
The results showed that after one hour of video playback, S5 electricity from 80% to 72% and 8% of electricity consumption, such data in the current smart phone 1080P screen which is quite good, and also shows S5 play video for optimized power consumption played a role.