iOS 7 plugin Auxo 2 was added to the level of God stunning multi-task switching

Auxo the iOS platform is a great escape non-plug-in, year-end 2012 the shelves, it's the way the card allows users to switch application icon eye-opener. Users can also use it to control music playback, adjust screen brightness, control and Wi-Fi. While the release is already late, but still was named one of the best iOS jailbreak plugin 2012.

Today, the latest generation of Auxo 2 official Cydia store shelves, it seems iOS multitasking applications switching mode devices have ushered in an important revolutionized. Auxo 2 compared to the previous generation before the great difference in operating philosophy, Auxo 2 is not purely the Auxo update supports iOS 7, but for iOS 7 multitasking interface redesign and construction deficiencies.
Auxo 2 will be multi-tasking and control center, two interface integration, pulled from the bottom of the screen with your finger directly displays all running applications, and then click the application you want to switch, this method is faster than iOS 7 comes with switching procedural methods have much. Auxo 2 main functions are: fast switching, multi-center, close all applications and so on.
Auxo previous version is priced at $ 1.99, while the head Auxo 2 in Cydia store which is priced at $ 3.99, the price doubled. A sub-price goods, presumably Auxo 2 will not make users disappointed.

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