iOS 8 installation continues to grow but at a slower rate as good as iOS 7

Apple once again updated the App Store distribution data pie, including iOS 8 installation rate has reached 60%. The statistics on November 24, announced earlier this month, more than 55 percent increase. Data show that installing iOS 8 is better than last year's rate of iOS 7. But Apple has pointed out in the conference, as a newly released mobile system, iOS 8 installation rate far exceeds the latest version of Android. At that time the statistics are that 48% of users have installed iOS 8, but only 25% of Android users have installed the latest version of KitKat, the majority (54%) of Android users still insist on using 2012 release Jelly Bean.

And, iOS 8 installation rate of growth is faster than Android. iOS 8 in more than 60 days will have a 60% installation rate, Android KitKat will need 313 days to reach 25%.

Let us not hesitate liter 8 liter iOS reason has not escaped, not functional, but the power consumption problem with Caton. With rich functionality and user interface elements, iOS experience of older equipment in the new system, of course, there will be insufficient, is to abandon the use of the new system or upgrade your hardware? Thought this problem only Android users need to consider, I did not expect iPhone users also have to face the problem of the day.

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