April Fool's Day joke? iOS7.1 crash rate is twice Androids

Apple launched the latest version of iOS some time ago after 7.1, application support service providers Crittercism through the survey found, compared to the old version for iOS, iOS 7.1 application crash rate decreased from 2% to 1.6%, the stability has not small improvement.
However, the latest data from the point of view Crittercism, Android application performance in terms of stability better than iOS. Crittercism says Android 2.3 Gingerbread app crashes was 1.7%, with iOS 7.1 equivalent, but after upgrading to Android 4.x, application crash rate dropped significantly to 0.7%, this result a lot better than iOS 7.1 is excellent. Although there are many users still think Android application is not very stable, but taking into account the results of Crittercism is monitored by billions after Android and iOS applications before arriving, so these data are still very credible.

Of course, cause the application to crash occurs because there are many, such as application compatibility issues with the latest version of the system or application design itself is flawed, prone to crashes. However, a direct comparison of the data from the point of view, Android Applications indeed more stable than the iOS app.

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