IOS 7.0.6 Cause Most Equipments Battery Depletion And Overheating

Apple last week pushed the iOS 7.0.6 version update, the new firmware for the SSL connection to verify this serious security vulnerabilities were fixed. Less than a week after a lapse of some users have reflected recently updated iOS 7.0.6 firmware, appears excessive battery consumption and equipment overheating problems their equipment.
The vast majority of iPhone 5s users complain, since they will update their devices to iOS 7.0.6 version, the device is relatively faster battery consumption occurred in the past and cooling problems and so on. According to OS X Daily description: "In some cases, the battery consumption becomes very quickly, users can follow basically the percentage of cells to time." Indeed there are many users reflect this defect, but we can not conclude that the problem is inherent in iOS 7.0.6. Other firmware update and did not cause a similar problem, of course, we can not guarantee that these users do not jailbreak or not running graphics-intensive software applications in the background to their own devices, because these factors actually lead to faster consumption of reasons.

Battery Depletion

Apple support community for the current solution to this problem is given as follows: Press the Home key and open the key for 10 seconds to hard reset the device simultaneously. But before making a mandatory reboot, the user will need to remain in the state apparatus under multitasking (double-click the Home button state appears) to close each application.
We learned from the Apple Support Community forums, many users have posted reflects the emergence own version after update iOS 7.0.6 battery and thermal anomalies and other issues, as many as a few pages of the thread replies are actively discussing this issue is widespread, almost all of the replies have confirmed this. Which, iOS 7.0.6 update battery and cooling impact, the device is particularly serious for the iPhone 5s.

Battery Depletion

Apple support solutions through the community, we remind updated version of the user, if your equipment is battery drain and overheating occurs, we recommend that you turn off the system in a multitasking application status after a hard reset the device, which tries to ways to temporarily solve this problem.

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