IOS 8 shots were suspected exposure increased number of new applications

From the perspective of the UI of exposure yesterday, its differ with iOS 7 is not big, but a few new icon became the centerpiece of the exposure. First new Healthbook application icon, and now the American media 9 to5mac given its Gao Qingtu, looks exactly the same as that of exposure of yesterday.
The question is, most people figure this UI suspicion place TextEdit (text editor), as Preview (preview) icons and OS X, and now iOS 7 has abandoned materialized, perhaps now UI also in the period of adjustment sake, after all, Craig Federighi, vice president of Apple's OS X and iOS reorganization of the development team, which also make it possible.
It was revealed that 8 of iOS news that Apple is currently working on two new iCloud iOS application development, but also intends to bring the system to preview and text editing applications. Sources said, iOS version preview and text editing application to edit PDF, images and text documents. In addition, both applications can be used as a text preview and edit documents stored in iCloud view.
In addition to the exposure of new features, Apple iOS 8 will be equipped with a separate iTunes broadcast applications and new support for public transportation map application.

In fact, these two applications is not to be used to edit PDF files, images or text documents, on the contrary, they are constructed to preview and edit text files stored in iCloud view.

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