Android 5.0 news summary: interface more flat, voice assistant more powerful

After released from Google Android Jelly Bean, I have been looking forward to the legendary Android5.0 outside Key Lime Pie. Last year, however, we only see the Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade range is not big.
As the Google I/O drew near, and the new version of the Android related news also gradually more up. At the meeting, maybe we will usher in the next major version of this kind of system upgrade. By science and technology website and summarizes the Android 5.0 relevant reports and rumors. The following is the content:

release date
Android 5.0 originally is expected to be released on last year's Google I/O, but we don't see on the annual conference and Android upgrade related content. Until October, Google has brought the new version of Android, but this upgrade is not we are looking forward to 5.0, but 4.4 KitKat. This year, we expect to see the Android 5.0 years, and is scheduled for June's Google I/O is the ideal time.
But recently it is reported that Google planned next upgrade will be Android 4.5 rather than 5.0. This look from the version number more sense (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.0, and the recent 4.4), but before to see more news, we also can't make a final judgment.
By convention, a new Android version usually accompanied by a new hardware products, with considering the 5 at the end of last year, has just launched the Nexus, Google this may bring us a new generation of Nexus 10, after all, the current the Nexus of 10 was released in late 2012.
According to the Android Police reported a few days ago, Google will provide the Android Google voice service Now to join a new function called "OK" to Google Everywhere. Which will use Google Now integrated into most, let users can more easily use the Android voice services. For example, after a photo shoot, the user can directly call the Google Now, ordering it to share photos.
In addition, the Android 5.0 is likely to add more fitness function, and considering that Google recently released Android Wear, the latter with Android cooperation should become the focus of the next version.

From the point of the system screenshots of the recent exposure, the next version of Android will have interface adjustment, flat style more thick. It's said that the new design in Google has been described as "Moonshine" inside.
In waiting for the Android 5.0 more features, we for the system, of course, also have their own expectations, they include:
1. The more usage patterns

There is always some trouble of mobile phone set at bedtime. We want to turn off voice and data, and then open the flight mode. Android 5.0 is very need a simple way to manage performance of mobile phones. You are the one model, for example, bring the biggest performance game mode, or the low power mode at night, even disconnected data connection, the screen brightness to very low reading model.
2.  Better more equipment support
Above the support of the multiple devices, Android has performed well, but we still want Google to fill some existing vacancy.
Take management download content from the Play store video applications, video playback progress also cannot achieve synchronization across devices, you can't start playing on a device, then change to another device then playback progress continue to watch just now.
3.The batch edit address book

Android native address book, though practical, slightly less than on the function, for example, if you want to send a number of contacts text message or email, you can't choose a number of contacts in the address book, can only choose one, then add alone. Again, you cannot batch delete operation in the address book.
4.The text synchronization across devices
Although there have been many third-party applications can backup, including SMS, mobile phone information, we still want to see Google offer original text synchronization function.
5.Application preview/free convertibility
In the iOS platform, users can use early conversion code for free or preview application, this way is obviously advantageous for popularizing application, Google also can follow.


Samsung Galaxy S5 was upgraded after the release of the first performance

While the update package is only 28MB, but still recommended that users in the Wi-Fi environment to download and to ensure the phone battery at over 50%.

In addition to system updates, recently there are some parts of the user, said Galaxy S5 appeared leaking. As a certified by IP67 waterproof and dustproof phone level, Galaxy S5 should be able to soak for 30 minutes in one meter of water without affecting normal use. But before Samsung officially given to respond to the problem, it is recommended that users Galaxy S5 in daily use waterproof cover each interface installed, and try to avoid falling water.


Module smartphone: a concept, or a subversion of?

Last week, Google held a developer conference, is for a smartphone yet produced. At the conference, Google unveiled the Project Ara, which is a new attempt ingenuity, Google hopes to help Project Ara module to create a blueprint for smart phones.
Their understanding module smartphone market potential of the people, Google and other partners Phonebloks (a start-up company) gives them a kind of excitement. But if you know anything about the module concept smartphone, it does not matter, we will give you a detailed description.
What is a module smartphone?

It can be understood: We do not need to buy a new phone every year or so, we can displacement latest camera, processor and screen to upgrade the phone. Operation is not complicated, you can use the plug. In short: Module smartphone is composed by different modules, and you can always replace or upgrade these modules smartphone.
Phonebloks proposed the concept of smart phone parts replacement and performance upgrade, as you can always swap Lego . Although it sounds very interesting, and very simple, but has not yet Phonebloks create a prototype. After Google made ​​phone Ara module concept , we are only recently beginning to see the simulation model.
Conceptually, the module smartphones let us think of the old PC assembly : You can easily installed to the computer new, larger capacity hard drive , faster CD-ROM drive , or even replace RAM and processor , so you can always upgrade your computer components , without every year , two years to buy a new computer. The purpose of the module is the same smartphone . However, this object is not a computer but a cell phone in your pocket .
Who will manufacture modules smartphone ?

This question is difficult to answer because Phonebloks or Project Ara does not produce a complete module smartphones, they merely provide guidance module smartphone manufacturer .
Like Android and Chrome OS system , Google itself does not manufacture hardware products , it only provides operating software and platforms based on this other device manufacturers to produce equipment and spare parts . As of now, Google has announced Project Ara projects with companies such as Toshiba and 3D Systems partnership .
PC assembly with the same principle , the component parts of different companies coming from the module will be smart phones , which may include Sony cameras , LG display, Intel processor or OtterBox protective sleeve.
What are the main advantages of modules smartphone is ?

There are a lot of people want to as long as possible to keep their beloved device ( similar to the XP computer users ) . For some people, the module can be upgraded smartphone allows them to always have their familiar devices , but also can get the latest hardware and software upgrades.
In addition , the module concept of smart phones is also very important for those with special needs . For example, you want a high quality camera , but the smaller screen, or perhaps the next Galaxy S7 iPhone 8 will not be able to satisfy your desire . But it does not matter , the module smartphone can do , you can pick your favorite camera and display a " mix and match ." If you want a physical Home button , the module can also be done the smart phone . So , you do not anxiously waiting to see whether the latest Samsung or HTC phone has a stunning configuration and performance .
Module smartphone also lets you can choose from a variety of colors and materials. Google has partnered with 3D printing company 3D Systems, in Ara project, consumers can purchase the phone module , or by means of customized personalized 3D printers in the home shape , design and materials.
Note : Module smartphones can also reduce waste. One of the goals Phonebloks team is : they consider themselves smart phone module project can provide a way to solve the problem of waste recycling equipment . Module allows smartphone consuming, consumption of wealth equipment maintenance easier, you can achieve the "exchange" between mobile phone parts .
What are the disadvantages module smartphone is ?

Perhaps there is no one method can be all of these customized , complex technical projects into a light, thin shell design and emphasis on the phone. ProjectAra team in an interview mentioned several times , customized modules smartphones will be at the expense of a slight sacrifice in product design .
Does this mean that the module will be our smartphones seen the ugliest things? Not so !
But we guess, kind of like Apple will not participate in the module smartphone project, they will continue to create stylish smartphone phones, these phones are not like a science project, but like a string of gorgeous jewelry. Frankly, Google and Phoneblok module smartphone handset design project might bring the level back to 6-7 years ago. If you are scared, you probably would not use the module smartphone.
Another concern: the internal structure of integration. Some technology analysts and blog owners that will be free to put together the different parts seem to lack rationality. Technology blog Lord George Hahn explains:. "In modern signal circuit runs fast, easiest, most economical way is to components inside the device tightly bundled together if you try to use modular design, you want to ensure that the internal signal circuit with a high operating speed, the cost is very high. "
Consumers will buy it?
If you look at the contents of the above then, said to himself: "! Wow that sounds unbelievable." No way, this is because the current concept of smart phones is one such module.
Google's ATAP department (Advanced Technology and Products Group) has set a two year goal to push the module to the mass consumer smartphone market. Given Ara project was started in 2013, so we have to wait until 2015 to see the real module smartphone.
Who created the module smartphones, how much the price, it's how the exterior design, and how its performance? Those of us not yet clear, but it's worth the wait.


iOS7.1 jailbreak replace the operator logo is not actually you can

2014 jailbreak Assembly has concluded, but another person regrets jailbreak Apple iOS7.1 system does not appear, but can not escape does not mean we can not play with the machine. For example, now we can still jailbreak without having to modify the operator logo, we take a look at the tutorial is how it.

To do the replacement operator logo, was previously only possible to escape. However, a kind of jailbreak Great God made ​​a software that allows you to jailbreak in case you can not replace your iPhone and iPad operator logo, this software is called-CarrierEditor.
Note: The software currently runs only on Mac OS X, and only in support iPhone5 devices.
CarrierEditor to install and use the tutorial:
1, to download the official website CarrierEditor.dmg (CarrierEditor v1.0.9 is the latest version), and then run.
2, in the interface opens, click on the "Let's Get Started" button.
3, and then pops a page, it says "need some basic information" ("Need Some Quick Info"), then turn on your phone, find the set - by - on the phone (General> About section)
4, find the current version number of operators, remember the version number, and follow the CarrierEditor program requirements, fill inside.
5, the operator information page, and confirm the information.
6, click Next, and then select your current carrier.
7, CarrierEditor will automatically save your current operator logo onto your computer.
8, then open iTunes, and make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to the computer via a data line.
9, found in iTunes summary, hold down the option key while clicking the iTunes "Restore iPhone" or "Restore iPad", and then select that you want to use. Ipcc file to make changes.
10, When finished, you can see the icon of your choice that you have replaced the original operator logo.
11, To restore your original carrier's logo as long as the file to res.


Bug teach you to use the system to hide iOS7.1 redundant native applications

While iOS 7.1 has many built-in features of different native applications, but for users, not every application is very useful, but thanks to the recent exposure of the network is a small bug iOS 7.1, the user can in iOS 7.1 easily native applications do not need to hide.
Before hiding the native application, users first need to upgrade to the latest iPhone or iPad's iOS 7.1, and will all want to hide native applications into the same folder, but also need the bottom of the screen and display the icon to the Dock fully charged state, followed by a few simple drag it up to hide the native application purposes.
First, users need to use any two other applications to create a new folder, and then placed in advance native application file folder just moved into this new folder. After that, the application will be removed from the other two folders, put back on the screen, so that the bottom of the screen and the Dock remains a full state, then placed the last native application file folders out of the new folder, drag to the Dock and then let go, then you will find two folders are magically disappear, there will be a vacancy on the screen.
But it is worth mentioning that, although successfully hide native applications, but these applications have not been removed, it continues to occupy the storage space, and when the device is restarted, these applications will reappear. Taking into account the importance of Apple iOS in a very native applications, so it is probably iOS 7.1 in the presence of a small bug, is likely to be fixed in a future system upgrades.

iOS7.1 articles exploring the use of techniques: the use of panorama shooting mode avatar effects!

Appeared in a photo in multiple doing different actions that you or your him, is not it rather funny? In fact, the use of this technique to shoot a panoramic photo mode iPhone can easily be done. Just follow the steps below exercise a few times, you can get started without pressure.
Renderings example:

iPhone shooting avatar effects decomposition steps:
1 switch to panorama shooting mode (panoramic).
2 Let the object gracefully pose.
3 Slowly move the camera until the object of the painting.

4 Let the object quickly out of the picture, from the front of the lens went around behind you, but do not picturesque.

5 When he again gracefully pose, you then continue to move the camera to complete the shooting.
Such photos taken, it can appear in the same photo of him doing different actions! Quickly find good weather, bring your love machine and your favorite friend, find a cool background, shooting a distinctive pictures.


iOS 7 has universal coverage: iOS 8 on the other you

According to Apple's App Store developer support page, iOS 7 system has been stationed in 87% of Apple devices (cutoff 2014.4.6), this time from the system have been published over the past seven months, from the legendary first appearance iOS 8 (WWDC Conference ) as well as two months.
Due itself is a closed ecosystem, unlike Android updates and the rate of adoption as "fragmented", iOS system has been very fast. iOS 7 introduces a revolutionary flat design Although there is a lot of controversy, but they still have fruit powder to be proud of the new system.
In early last 12, iOS share 7 has reached 4% at the end to 78% by the end of January this year exceeded 80% by the end of March to 85%.
Meanwhile, iOS 6 only the remaining 11%, plus 2% because of outdated equipment or nostalgia rather stay in the older version.
In contrast, Google Android update speed is not worth a mention, 4.4 KitKat date only 5.3%, 4.1/4.2/4.3 Jelly Bean still occupy 61.4%, antique-like 2.3.x Gingerbread there are still 17.8% .


iOS 7 plugin Auxo 2 was added to the level of God stunning multi-task switching

Auxo the iOS platform is a great escape non-plug-in, year-end 2012 the shelves, it's the way the card allows users to switch application icon eye-opener. Users can also use it to control music playback, adjust screen brightness, control and Wi-Fi. While the release is already late, but still was named one of the best iOS jailbreak plugin 2012.

Today, the latest generation of Auxo 2 official Cydia store shelves, it seems iOS multitasking applications switching mode devices have ushered in an important revolutionized. Auxo 2 compared to the previous generation before the great difference in operating philosophy, Auxo 2 is not purely the Auxo update supports iOS 7, but for iOS 7 multitasking interface redesign and construction deficiencies.
Auxo 2 will be multi-tasking and control center, two interface integration, pulled from the bottom of the screen with your finger directly displays all running applications, and then click the application you want to switch, this method is faster than iOS 7 comes with switching procedural methods have much. Auxo 2 main functions are: fast switching, multi-center, close all applications and so on.
Auxo previous version is priced at $ 1.99, while the head Auxo 2 in Cydia store which is priced at $ 3.99, the price doubled. A sub-price goods, presumably Auxo 2 will not make users disappointed.