iOS7.1 jailbreak replace the operator logo is not actually you can

2014 jailbreak Assembly has concluded, but another person regrets jailbreak Apple iOS7.1 system does not appear, but can not escape does not mean we can not play with the machine. For example, now we can still jailbreak without having to modify the operator logo, we take a look at the tutorial is how it.

To do the replacement operator logo, was previously only possible to escape. However, a kind of jailbreak Great God made ​​a software that allows you to jailbreak in case you can not replace your iPhone and iPad operator logo, this software is called-CarrierEditor.
Note: The software currently runs only on Mac OS X, and only in support iPhone5 devices.
CarrierEditor to install and use the tutorial:
1, to download the official website CarrierEditor.dmg (CarrierEditor v1.0.9 is the latest version), and then run.
2, in the interface opens, click on the "Let's Get Started" button.
3, and then pops a page, it says "need some basic information" ("Need Some Quick Info"), then turn on your phone, find the set - by - on the phone (General> About section)
4, find the current version number of operators, remember the version number, and follow the CarrierEditor program requirements, fill inside.
5, the operator information page, and confirm the information.
6, click Next, and then select your current carrier.
7, CarrierEditor will automatically save your current operator logo onto your computer.
8, then open iTunes, and make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to the computer via a data line.
9, found in iTunes summary, hold down the option key while clicking the iTunes "Restore iPhone" or "Restore iPad", and then select that you want to use. Ipcc file to make changes.
10, When finished, you can see the icon of your choice that you have replaced the original operator logo.
11, To restore your original carrier's logo as long as the file to res.

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