iOS 8 keyboard called the biggest change to the birth of the iPhone

When the first generation iPhone was released in 2007, the virtual keyboard can be said to be one of its most revolutionary feature. iPhone even after so many years of development and improvement, but the keyboard and no significant improvement in the last year Apple iOS 8 decision on a major update to the iPhone keyboard.

In iOS 8 virtual keyboard that can be text only integrates Lenovo's input system - QuickType, it also allows users to replace the native keyboard use third-party keyboard. Apple said: iOS 8 keyboard for a very significant portion of iPhone surrendered since the advent of change.
Now, just tap to select the appropriate recommendations for the next word. Moreover, third-party keyboard will also become the first choice possible. In the past, the way you are familiar with typing may soon be history.
In addition QuickType, Apple announced support for third-party keyboards also let a lot of people decided to surprise. Apple said iOS 8 for the first time open the keyboard to developers.

Once launched a new keyboard, you will be able to select your favorite input method or keyboard layout used throughout the system.
With the opening of iOS keyboard, now developers have been very active in making preparations, and before there is news that the third-party keyboard TouchPal already on iOS 8 experience, but the developer of this tool in the next few weeks to iOS 8 Beta users with this keyboard, keyboard for further testing.

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