iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Plugging Loopholes: evasi0n7 tool failure

Muscular said if you want to stay away from iOS 7.1 jailbreak

Latest news, after iOS 7.1 officially announced, evad3rs jailbreak team members went on to say, evasi0n7 jailbreak tool has expired, if you want to keep the jailbreak status, do not upgrade iOS 7.1, and the file can not be saved SHSH downgrade back to iOS 7.0.x.
Apple has finally released this morning the long-awaited iOS 7.1, the magnitude of the upgrade version numbers can know the contents through a lot, compared to a slight improvement every iOS 7.0.x, iOS 7.1 support CarPlay biggest highlight is the new model , and interfaces for multiple adjustments.
With the system upgrade, Evad3rs muscular jailbreak team members are on Twitter, said: "If you want to keep the jailbreak, please stay away from iOS 7.1, because once the upgrade you will not fall back to iOS 7.0.X, even if the files are backed up SHSH useless. "
Meanwhile, the star of the team members said as for iOS 7.1 jailbreak is unclear whether it will, but evad3rs not to focus on this version, because they are concerned with iOS 8. "If one day, when I'm bored, may be willing to invest time and effort to get iOS 7.1." Pod2g said.
In addition, the release of iOS 7.1 Apple's closed soon after iOS 7.0.6 authentication service, which means that after the upgrade if you do not care and want to catch a last-minute return to iOS 7.0.6 is no longer feasible. And in the past, when Apple introduced a new version of firmware will retain an old version of firmware validation service up to date, this time in such a fast turn off validation channel, perhaps in order to prevent users from relegation escape.

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