Evasi0n7 1.0.7,IOS7.0.6 Jailbreak Tool Experience

Evad3rs released their latest version of the evasiOn7 jailbreak tool. According to reflect the situation, the jailbreak tool to update the overall situation is good, no big bugs appear, also repair the last version of the bug, but there are still some front appeared a little problem.

For example caton in "Failed during injecting evasion app (2/2)" still happen frequently.

For the new version of the jailbreak tool, small make up is the first time for early adopters. The test device Model for the iPhone 5, Model: A1429, small make up before the equipment update to the latest iOS 7.0.6, so original first for 7.0.4 system version upgrade firmware for 7.0.6, is still a regular means of escape, no longer described here. Then use the latest jailbreak tool Evasi0n7 1.0.7 jailbreak, operation platform for the Windows 7 system. Plant equipment, according to the prison break, about 7 minutes, the whole process of prison break. Period without any problems, also do not need to set the computer's system language to English.
Managed to escape from prison, to continue the Cydia test, after the source adds several big, small make up and then install the plug-in, big and small, roughly 10 number, whether to add source during the process, or the process of installing a plug-in, did not appear that "the scarlet letter" (if unable to refresh the source, there will be a red text), this can be proved that the new jailbreak tool has solved the main problems in the last edition, also is the purpose of this new version released.

So whether means the update tool is perfect? We under the conclusion too early, because small make up, found that after installing plugins cancellation, some desktop plugin icon turned white, such as Springtomize 3 large plug-in, but again to restart the equipment will be able to solve this problem.

The jailbreak tool is satisfactory as a whole, and iOS 7.0.6 compatibility is also good. Appear unable to refresh the source address, or unable to properly install the plugin feng friends advice to brush your device again. Or that sentence: prison break is risky, flash need to be careful.

Note: Before jailbreak your iOS devices, you'd better backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes / iCloud, or using a third party software, so that you can get back your data if failure to jailbreak your devices. If you lost your data unlucky, please don't worry, no matter failure or successful jailbreak iDevices on iOS 7,  you can also restore the lost data from iPhone, iPad or iPod with iOS Data Recovery software.

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