April Fool's Day joke? iOS7.1 crash rate is twice Androids

Apple launched the latest version of iOS some time ago after 7.1, application support service providers Crittercism through the survey found, compared to the old version for iOS, iOS 7.1 application crash rate decreased from 2% to 1.6%, the stability has not small improvement.
However, the latest data from the point of view Crittercism, Android application performance in terms of stability better than iOS. Crittercism says Android 2.3 Gingerbread app crashes was 1.7%, with iOS 7.1 equivalent, but after upgrading to Android 4.x, application crash rate dropped significantly to 0.7%, this result a lot better than iOS 7.1 is excellent. Although there are many users still think Android application is not very stable, but taking into account the results of Crittercism is monitored by billions after Android and iOS applications before arriving, so these data are still very credible.

Of course, cause the application to crash occurs because there are many, such as application compatibility issues with the latest version of the system or application design itself is flawed, prone to crashes. However, a direct comparison of the data from the point of view, Android Applications indeed more stable than the iOS app.


iOS7.1 then exposed new BUG native applications can manually hide

Technology website iDeviceHelpus exist today exposed a new vulnerability in iOS 7.1. iDeviceHelpus revealed that they found it a loophole that allows Apple's new native iOS device completely disappear from the desktop, such as by magic. As iDeviceHelpus were demonstrated in the video above, the user only needs to be done through several steps to hide the program.

First, the user is not commonly composed of a few native folder, this time to note, iOS device's desktop and Dock application must be filled, leaving no trace of the gap. Then just put the application on the desktop files and folders before merging into a new folder. Next, you just put another application in which the new folder again and again out of the only remaining original folder, that folder within a folder.
The last video we see the original folder iDeviceHelpus dragged out from them after the new folder directly on the desktop disappear from the iOS gone, the original full desktop application is also more of a vacancy. iDeviceHelpus said that these programs are not disappearing has been deleted, but is iOS "hiding" in a certain corner of the user as long as the device is restarted, the program will re-appear on the desktop.


iPhone 4 iOS 7.1 jailbreak video released

While Apple last week released iOS 7.1, iOS 7.1 and claimed a large number of iOS 7 fixes the bug, but also for the other models were iPhone4 special optimization. Apple recommends that all users upgrade iOS 7, but still there is much of iOS 7 users are in wait and see attitude, one important reason is that jailbreak hackers did not release iOS 7.1 jailbreak.

Prior to jailbreak iOS 7 team members had expressed evad3rs, evasion 7 jailbreak tool will not update to iOS 7.1, they will be left to the vulnerability when using jailbreak iOS 8. When may we all thought hopeless after iOS 7.1 jailbreak, jailbreak hackers Winocm gave us a surprise. Today, Winocm in his Twitter and Youtube channel released a video, but the content of the video is for us to demonstrate the iPhone iOS 4 7.1 jailbreak!

Video: iOS 7.1 jailbreak

From the video perspective, this jailbreak step rarely seen, this approach may also apply to iPhone 4S. But Winocm Will develop iOS 7.1 jailbreak tool is not to say, we all know that he will officially enter the Apple company later this year. Winocm had brought us together with iH8Sn0w iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 jailbreak tool p0sixspwn. Last year he also succeeded in Nokia N900 running iOS core. In addition, Winocm announced in early February that they have cracked the 64 iPhone 5s of iBoot, the results will allow future jailbreak job easier.

In addition Winocm, was the god of Apple jailbreak amnesty can be a lot. Apple had also been poached equally talented jailbreak Comex. Comex gave users the Spirit jailbreak jailbreak tool, JailbreakMe 2.0, Apple's headquarters later hire internship.


iOS7.1 was broke new personal hotspot issues can not be saved

Since iOS 7.1 release, a variety of BUG's heard about the iOS 7.1, many users are complaining about the recent Apple's official forums again after complaints from users of its iPhone upgrade to IOS7.1 cause personal hotspot feature is not working properly, you can not save your APN information setting.

According to the current situation, the user replies affected users from the U.S., Britain, the Netherlands, Estonia, Italy and Sweden and other countries, the equipment involved, including iPhone 4,4 S, 5 and 5S.

The current quote has become a popular Apple's official forum posts, close to 20,000 page views, the number of users has more than 200 replies, due to the recent iOS 7.1 issues frequently, has a lot of users have updated proposal has not yet been updated user temporarily Do not upgrade to iOS 7.1, in order to avoid possible impact on their phones to work properly.

Do not play virtual released on the same day the new HTC One sale

HTC officially released on the 25th of this month will be a whole new generation HTC One (M8) in London, then when can I buy it? The same day.
UK retailer Carphone Warehouse issued a press release today that they will release the new HTC One 25 the day they start selling, and is synchronized in its first six stores in London, although we can be sure that the conference will launch a new version of the HTC One, but a British retailer has apparently not wait, and that they will be on sale immediately after the official release. Precisely at 16:00 on the 25th or so, a few minutes to start immediately after the end of the conference.

This seems to be a response to the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is officially released by the end of February, but to go to the world on April 11 will be on sale.
Thus, HTC can have at least two weeks to prove himself once again to the world, Carphone Warehouse, a UK distributor only, other countries are also able to simultaneously debut is still unknown. But now, Carphone Warehouse No new HTC One disclose the price. Based on previous reports, the aircraft will feature five inches display frequency, "high end" Qualcomm processor, and dual cameras.


Wearable device manufacturers, ready to take Apple's big move!

Latest revelations, Apple is developing iOS 8 applications Healthbook, can be used to detect health data, including step counter, blood pressure, sleep quality, even if you've been drinking enough water. And more Madden, Apple's iPhone is likely not fully recorded Healthbook data, which means that Apple may launch a wearable device along, as if it is rumored iWatch, it appeals to the imagination.

Based 9to5mac exposure shots, Healthbook interface using a similar card with Passbook design. From this interface, we can glimpse into the people made Healthbook comprehensive self-quantification function - blood, heart rate, dryness, blood pressure, exercise, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, breathing, oxygen saturation, body weight, body fat ...... also there is a "first aid card," the name for the user records, doctor, taking medication and other critical medical information for emergency use.

Functions mentioned above, is not the iPhone or M7 chip capable of independently recorded, foreign media have speculated, Healthbook use will be combined with some external devices.

There are two guesses - Apple may open up its API to existing wearable equipment manufacturers, such as Jawbone, then sit embrace massive user information; also possible that Apple will produce its own wearable devices, applications with Healthbook use . Then a way that is likely to become the new Apple hardware tipping point..

But whether it is the kind of situation described above, Apple's Healthbook will:

featured will be a lot of features available in the market after blasting a single wearable applications. From then on, you no longer have to monitor weight, sleep, heat, etc. worn multiple wearable devices do not need to install the N data does not correspond to the respective application connectivity in the phone.

After becoming Apple's built-in applications, Healthbook can Apple itself has a mass of users, it is currently difficult to accumulate wearable vendors in a short time, and most want to seize the resource.

News that Apple is likely to announce the news at this year's WWDC. The future in terms of layout, Healthbook with Caller ID, as well as the integration of Siri iMessage very watchable.


IOS 8 shots were suspected exposure increased number of new applications

From the perspective of the UI of exposure yesterday, its differ with iOS 7 is not big, but a few new icon became the centerpiece of the exposure. First new Healthbook application icon, and now the American media 9 to5mac given its Gao Qingtu, looks exactly the same as that of exposure of yesterday.
The question is, most people figure this UI suspicion place TextEdit (text editor), as Preview (preview) icons and OS X, and now iOS 7 has abandoned materialized, perhaps now UI also in the period of adjustment sake, after all, Craig Federighi, vice president of Apple's OS X and iOS reorganization of the development team, which also make it possible.
It was revealed that 8 of iOS news that Apple is currently working on two new iCloud iOS application development, but also intends to bring the system to preview and text editing applications. Sources said, iOS version preview and text editing application to edit PDF, images and text documents. In addition, both applications can be used as a text preview and edit documents stored in iCloud view.
In addition to the exposure of new features, Apple iOS 8 will be equipped with a separate iTunes broadcast applications and new support for public transportation map application.

In fact, these two applications is not to be used to edit PDF files, images or text documents, on the contrary, they are constructed to preview and edit text files stored in iCloud view.


iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Plugging Loopholes: evasi0n7 tool failure

Muscular said if you want to stay away from iOS 7.1 jailbreak

Latest news, after iOS 7.1 officially announced, evad3rs jailbreak team members went on to say, evasi0n7 jailbreak tool has expired, if you want to keep the jailbreak status, do not upgrade iOS 7.1, and the file can not be saved SHSH downgrade back to iOS 7.0.x.
Apple has finally released this morning the long-awaited iOS 7.1, the magnitude of the upgrade version numbers can know the contents through a lot, compared to a slight improvement every iOS 7.0.x, iOS 7.1 support CarPlay biggest highlight is the new model , and interfaces for multiple adjustments.
With the system upgrade, Evad3rs muscular jailbreak team members are on Twitter, said: "If you want to keep the jailbreak, please stay away from iOS 7.1, because once the upgrade you will not fall back to iOS 7.0.X, even if the files are backed up SHSH useless. "
Meanwhile, the star of the team members said as for iOS 7.1 jailbreak is unclear whether it will, but evad3rs not to focus on this version, because they are concerned with iOS 8. "If one day, when I'm bored, may be willing to invest time and effort to get iOS 7.1." Pod2g said.
In addition, the release of iOS 7.1 Apple's closed soon after iOS 7.0.6 authentication service, which means that after the upgrade if you do not care and want to catch a last-minute return to iOS 7.0.6 is no longer feasible. And in the past, when Apple introduced a new version of firmware will retain an old version of firmware validation service up to date, this time in such a fast turn off validation channel, perhaps in order to prevent users from relegation escape.


iOS7.1 bounced or purchase because of the adjustment in the App Store

The original release of iOS7.1 on Saturday bounced finally live up to expectations, and it is not so important update is the only music festival iTunes application, but compared with the iOS7.1 update.
It is reported that the well-known Apple blogger John Gruber has said that Apple will be officially released on iTunes Festival iOS7.1, but now iTunes Music Festival application is indeed updated, but did not see iOS7.1 shadow.
iOS 7.1
Some analysts said the delayed release of iOS7.1 reason Apple is actively adjusting the App Store in the share system, and it is possible to add an access restriction to prevent the child shopping. There are news reports recently have purchased the game and the kids because the parents were killed.
iOS7.1 and not many substantial improvements, mainly in the update fixes and some experience, including telephone dialing keys to change the application, Calendar application improved, faster, etc., in addition to further improve the device management functions.
No physical buttons iPhone6 ​​and the perfect combination of iOS8

No physical buttons iPhone6 ​​and the perfect combination of iOS8

No physical buttons iPhone6 ​​and the perfect combination of iOS8

No physical buttons iPhone6 ​​and the perfect combination of iOS8

No physical buttons iPhone6 ​​and the perfect combination of iOS8


Evasi0n7 1.0.7,IOS7.0.6 Jailbreak Tool Experience

Evad3rs released their latest version of the evasiOn7 jailbreak tool. According to reflect the situation, the jailbreak tool to update the overall situation is good, no big bugs appear, also repair the last version of the bug, but there are still some front appeared a little problem.

For example caton in "Failed during injecting evasion app (2/2)" still happen frequently.

For the new version of the jailbreak tool, small make up is the first time for early adopters. The test device Model for the iPhone 5, Model: A1429, small make up before the equipment update to the latest iOS 7.0.6, so original first for 7.0.4 system version upgrade firmware for 7.0.6, is still a regular means of escape, no longer described here. Then use the latest jailbreak tool Evasi0n7 1.0.7 jailbreak, operation platform for the Windows 7 system. Plant equipment, according to the prison break, about 7 minutes, the whole process of prison break. Period without any problems, also do not need to set the computer's system language to English.
Managed to escape from prison, to continue the Cydia test, after the source adds several big, small make up and then install the plug-in, big and small, roughly 10 number, whether to add source during the process, or the process of installing a plug-in, did not appear that "the scarlet letter" (if unable to refresh the source, there will be a red text), this can be proved that the new jailbreak tool has solved the main problems in the last edition, also is the purpose of this new version released.

So whether means the update tool is perfect? We under the conclusion too early, because small make up, found that after installing plugins cancellation, some desktop plugin icon turned white, such as Springtomize 3 large plug-in, but again to restart the equipment will be able to solve this problem.

The jailbreak tool is satisfactory as a whole, and iOS 7.0.6 compatibility is also good. Appear unable to refresh the source address, or unable to properly install the plugin feng friends advice to brush your device again. Or that sentence: prison break is risky, flash need to be careful.

Note: Before jailbreak your iOS devices, you'd better backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes / iCloud, or using a third party software, so that you can get back your data if failure to jailbreak your devices. If you lost your data unlucky, please don't worry, no matter failure or successful jailbreak iDevices on iOS 7,  you can also restore the lost data from iPhone, iPad or iPod with iOS Data Recovery software.

Apple IOS Will Release IN THE Car

Core Tip: Apple's high-profile into a low-key acting systematically Andrews, curtain-car battle for the smart screen already opened, a mobile terminal imminent war. According to reports in the upcoming week, the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple, or will carry Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari and other partners to release the car in the smartphone operating system IOS in the Car.
Although this story did not get any official recognition of Apple, but Apple's entry into the automotive world about rumors for a long time. In June last year, rumors of its development of intelligent vehicle systems already rampant, particularly from the new generation of Apple's operating system iOS7 relevant code can be found in the presence of traces of vehicle systems.

If the rumors are true, regardless of significance for Apple will still auto industry. First, it would be Apple's first integrated Apple software on a non-Apple products. This means that after the death of its founder Steve Jobs, Apple is to enter the business beyond personal computers, music devices, handheld computers.
Of course, for the automotive industry in terms of its significance greater. Due to the special nature of the driving car design, consensus approach at this stage to define the operation of the onboard computer There are two, one steering wheel buttons with HUD (Head Up Display) system, the second is the voice input system. Apple's Siri system developed in this area has a more obvious advantages, the media said the vehicle system will integrate Apple's Siri intelligent voice assistant, drivers can use voice directly through Apple Maps Maps Navigation, watching movies, listening to music, playing phone and texting. With the success of Apple's app store same pattern has become one of the most widely used current number of intelligent system platform for software developers with low barriers to entry and development costs. In the promotion of universal application-level car has a great advantage. On the other hand, this is an important milestone in IT companies to enter the automotive sector, although previously disclosed google autopilot technology development are being developed, but so deep-rooted into Apple's R & D system is still regarded as the first car home.
In recent years, the Internet revolution, the effect technology has gradually appeared in various fields, from everyday taxi to financial services, with the popularity of smart phones, the Internet has tentacles deep into every aspect of people's lives. Cars, as people's lives frequent contact with the fourth screen, still a military commander to become the next battleground Internet mobile terminal. Although Google did not specifically publish intelligent systems for car, but by virtue of the high degree of openness of the Android system, after many product developers already installed Android system will fit together with the in-car navigation, car do smart tablet functions. One is Apple's high-profile march, is a low-key acting Android system, curtain-car battle for the smart screen already opened, a mobile terminal imminent war.