iOS7.1 then exposed new BUG native applications can manually hide

Technology website iDeviceHelpus exist today exposed a new vulnerability in iOS 7.1. iDeviceHelpus revealed that they found it a loophole that allows Apple's new native iOS device completely disappear from the desktop, such as by magic. As iDeviceHelpus were demonstrated in the video above, the user only needs to be done through several steps to hide the program.

First, the user is not commonly composed of a few native folder, this time to note, iOS device's desktop and Dock application must be filled, leaving no trace of the gap. Then just put the application on the desktop files and folders before merging into a new folder. Next, you just put another application in which the new folder again and again out of the only remaining original folder, that folder within a folder.
The last video we see the original folder iDeviceHelpus dragged out from them after the new folder directly on the desktop disappear from the iOS gone, the original full desktop application is also more of a vacancy. iDeviceHelpus said that these programs are not disappearing has been deleted, but is iOS "hiding" in a certain corner of the user as long as the device is restarted, the program will re-appear on the desktop.

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