iOS7.1 articles exploring the use of techniques: the use of panorama shooting mode avatar effects!

Appeared in a photo in multiple doing different actions that you or your him, is not it rather funny? In fact, the use of this technique to shoot a panoramic photo mode iPhone can easily be done. Just follow the steps below exercise a few times, you can get started without pressure.
Renderings example:

iPhone shooting avatar effects decomposition steps:
1 switch to panorama shooting mode (panoramic).
2 Let the object gracefully pose.
3 Slowly move the camera until the object of the painting.

4 Let the object quickly out of the picture, from the front of the lens went around behind you, but do not picturesque.

5 When he again gracefully pose, you then continue to move the camera to complete the shooting.
Such photos taken, it can appear in the same photo of him doing different actions! Quickly find good weather, bring your love machine and your favorite friend, find a cool background, shooting a distinctive pictures.

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