Bug teach you to use the system to hide iOS7.1 redundant native applications

While iOS 7.1 has many built-in features of different native applications, but for users, not every application is very useful, but thanks to the recent exposure of the network is a small bug iOS 7.1, the user can in iOS 7.1 easily native applications do not need to hide.
Before hiding the native application, users first need to upgrade to the latest iPhone or iPad's iOS 7.1, and will all want to hide native applications into the same folder, but also need the bottom of the screen and display the icon to the Dock fully charged state, followed by a few simple drag it up to hide the native application purposes.
First, users need to use any two other applications to create a new folder, and then placed in advance native application file folder just moved into this new folder. After that, the application will be removed from the other two folders, put back on the screen, so that the bottom of the screen and the Dock remains a full state, then placed the last native application file folders out of the new folder, drag to the Dock and then let go, then you will find two folders are magically disappear, there will be a vacancy on the screen.
But it is worth mentioning that, although successfully hide native applications, but these applications have not been removed, it continues to occupy the storage space, and when the device is restarted, these applications will reappear. Taking into account the importance of Apple iOS in a very native applications, so it is probably iOS 7.1 in the presence of a small bug, is likely to be fixed in a future system upgrades.

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