Android 5.0 news summary: interface more flat, voice assistant more powerful

After released from Google Android Jelly Bean, I have been looking forward to the legendary Android5.0 outside Key Lime Pie. Last year, however, we only see the Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade range is not big.
As the Google I/O drew near, and the new version of the Android related news also gradually more up. At the meeting, maybe we will usher in the next major version of this kind of system upgrade. By science and technology website and summarizes the Android 5.0 relevant reports and rumors. The following is the content:

release date
Android 5.0 originally is expected to be released on last year's Google I/O, but we don't see on the annual conference and Android upgrade related content. Until October, Google has brought the new version of Android, but this upgrade is not we are looking forward to 5.0, but 4.4 KitKat. This year, we expect to see the Android 5.0 years, and is scheduled for June's Google I/O is the ideal time.
But recently it is reported that Google planned next upgrade will be Android 4.5 rather than 5.0. This look from the version number more sense (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.0, and the recent 4.4), but before to see more news, we also can't make a final judgment.
By convention, a new Android version usually accompanied by a new hardware products, with considering the 5 at the end of last year, has just launched the Nexus, Google this may bring us a new generation of Nexus 10, after all, the current the Nexus of 10 was released in late 2012.
According to the Android Police reported a few days ago, Google will provide the Android Google voice service Now to join a new function called "OK" to Google Everywhere. Which will use Google Now integrated into most, let users can more easily use the Android voice services. For example, after a photo shoot, the user can directly call the Google Now, ordering it to share photos.
In addition, the Android 5.0 is likely to add more fitness function, and considering that Google recently released Android Wear, the latter with Android cooperation should become the focus of the next version.

From the point of the system screenshots of the recent exposure, the next version of Android will have interface adjustment, flat style more thick. It's said that the new design in Google has been described as "Moonshine" inside.
In waiting for the Android 5.0 more features, we for the system, of course, also have their own expectations, they include:
1. The more usage patterns

There is always some trouble of mobile phone set at bedtime. We want to turn off voice and data, and then open the flight mode. Android 5.0 is very need a simple way to manage performance of mobile phones. You are the one model, for example, bring the biggest performance game mode, or the low power mode at night, even disconnected data connection, the screen brightness to very low reading model.
2.  Better more equipment support
Above the support of the multiple devices, Android has performed well, but we still want Google to fill some existing vacancy.
Take management download content from the Play store video applications, video playback progress also cannot achieve synchronization across devices, you can't start playing on a device, then change to another device then playback progress continue to watch just now.
3.The batch edit address book

Android native address book, though practical, slightly less than on the function, for example, if you want to send a number of contacts text message or email, you can't choose a number of contacts in the address book, can only choose one, then add alone. Again, you cannot batch delete operation in the address book.
4.The text synchronization across devices
Although there have been many third-party applications can backup, including SMS, mobile phone information, we still want to see Google offer original text synchronization function.
5.Application preview/free convertibility
In the iOS platform, users can use early conversion code for free or preview application, this way is obviously advantageous for popularizing application, Google also can follow.

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