The Reason Why Taking Pictures On iPhone With Low Pixel Is Better

For mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, nearly a few iPhone photo effect in actual use is beyond Sonyt samsung mobile phone during this period. The phone is even the same photosensitive components, effect has obvious difference. But there is no denying that the recent iPhone photo effect in actual use is the same period beyond the Sony and samsung mobile phone. Similar or the same camera, as a result, there for the following reasons:

1,Low pixel
 The understanding of the market has a very brain damage, is the higher pixel pictures the better the results. The truth is that, at least the period of the iphone 5, 12 million, never surpass 8 million.

But Sony and Samsung manufacturers such as Japan and South Korea do not have the courage to say no to the user . You want high resolution ? I'll give you . Apple dare : Apple on the choice of the camera always favor low pixels. Remember Steve Jobs iPhone4 (?) Calculate the size of a single pixel on the conference keynote yet ? He just wanted to tell the user does not necessarily have a high pixel good results .
Unfortunately, there is not strong, such as jobs know to reverse the market. Understand elementary arithmetic consumer only, or to how much more pixels. The brain-dead know today is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Fortunately, the excellent quality of a single pixel provides more security for a good photo, his photo effect slowly get the recognition of users. (but there is no denying the fact that the pictures of the part attaches great importance to the user may be because fewer pixels, to buy the Sony.)

Low pixel for iPhone

2 , Software optimization
Different manufacturers to get the camera will adjust various functions through software and a film effect. This respect, the Jiangong Li .
Apple on the Mac to do image processing software for many years , the level of this is enough . ( White balance, sharpness, noise ...).
And their control systems should also make it easier for him to optimize the various functions of the camera. ( Shutter lag , focus speed . )
Android manufacturers usually buy third-party software algorithms and features its own integration. Various feeling no intentions on iOS delicate adjustment . ( Thoroughly understand the characteristics of a camera is the need of time, the frequency of the machine they are not allowed )

3 , The screen coordinate
Apple's software to adjust again outstanding , such as his white balance adjustment out of the class , not to force the screen are also no good.
The iPhone is equipped with the industry's highest level of the screen. Apple will never get cast serious " future" technology Fudge users. Because all the effort in the camera, the software up and down , must be manifested through the screen .

Low pixel for iPhone
4, the final words
So, Apple really is the conscience of the enterprise .
He does not take advantage of consumers in both the number of pixels above the ignorance , nor the consumer can not see lazy algorithm adjustment , will not let consumers pay for the semi- screen technology .

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