What Some Advantages of HTC With Dual Cameras

HTC M8 two cameras hole behind the confusing, it is said that before the two lenses can be here, let a person can't help but wonder if HTC lens inventory too much, but take inventory to burn to do mid-range models is it not better?
HTC Dual Cameras
In fact, the double camera design of mobile phone is not hole, because already several companies developed a similar double lens camera products, this camera can not increase in volume too much provide some unexpected good performance. Production of this kind of camera Corephotonics company in an interview for the audience the camera is introduced. Although HTC's camera is not the company provide, but we can think of one instance HTC wants to do. Corephotonics camera component USES the two lens - a wide-angle lens and a 3 x optical zoom lens. Optical zoom means without using interpolation digital zoom, basically there will be no loss of image quality during amplification, and Corephotonics cameras can by switching and digital zoom lens with smooth zoom - basically when shooting video, this zoom lens is consistent with the principle and the camera lens. Double shot the second good.

Double compared with those of the current camera lens camera last advantage to estimate a lot of people know the: have a good depth of field analysis. Although the so-called 3 d have been rotten, but more excellent depth of field analysis can bring many benefits, such as automatic fuzzy background when shooting portraits, faster focus ability, and so on. Estimates that you have felt, as long as the software, double lens can bring effect similar to that of a large single lens, but you can't really go to phone a large single lens, to pay attention to the mobile phone makers of lightweight design is quite attractive. We don't know how the M8 software optimization, however, this does not hinder us to expect the M8 taken effect.

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