iOS8 unpublished function calls topped Secret WiFi

According to The Verge reported that Apple has officially released the new generation mobile operating system iOS 8, and a live demonstration of some of the new features and improvements. However, iOS 8 still has eight feature Apple did not mention in his speech.

Here is not mentioned on the Apple iOS 8 of eight new features:
1, WiFi calls
Apple's FaceTime video and audio has been achieved calls, while iOS 8 also adds support WiFi network calls. Earlier, the U.S. operator T-Mobile has already started to provide similar services to other smart phones, but the iPhone have been slow to keep up with the pace. T-Mobile USA confirmed that it will support WiFi calling features iOS 8, but the specific situation to determine the need later.
2, FaceTime call waiting
In addition to WiFi calling, iOS 8 also supports FaceTime call waiting feature. When a user calls with friends and family via FaceTime, you can choose to accept or reject the new FaceTime incoming requests. For those who frequently use FaceTime is concerned, this new feature will enhance the level of FaceTime to the traditional voice telephone service levels.
3, see each application's electricity consumption
While iOS 7, you can view the storage space occupied by each application, as well as mobile phone use since the last time the charge, but these procedures can not only electricity but. In iOS 8, users can view each application's electricity consumption. BTW, Android users have experienced several years ago to this feature.
4, the travel time notification
Years ago, Android system will have a travel time alerts, users can learn that they distance next appointment or the next destination as well as how long. Today, iOS 8 seems to have increased by a similar service, but do not know how the system will be deployed this feature may be combined with Siri, too, or will be integrated into Notification Center. Either way, it will give users convenience.
5 ,Tips Application
There are two possibilities, one is that Apple will launch an iOS device user manual application, the other is in addition to the traditional applications such as calculator, and then launch the application independent functions. Although the developers have released applications related tips on App Store, but if Apple's app can integrate with Siri, will get greater advantage.
6, focus and exposure can be independently controlled camera application
For those high-end photography iPhone users, third-party applications have already begun to use self-control focus and exposure. Apple's built-in iOS 8 above two functions so that users take better photos. If you start from the lock screen native camera application to use these features, and will definitely be more helpful.
7, increasing the DuckDuckGo search options
Safari browser iOS 8 joined the new engine settings, including search elements venture company called "DuckDuckGo"'s. With Google's idea is different, DuckDuckGo does not track users for advertising and information. Although visibility DuckDuckGo compare Google and Bing, but through integration with iOS 8 will help it gain more users.
8, Braille keyboards
Finally, iOS 8 added a Braille keyboard, but it is unclear the specific use of this feature. If we can allow blind users to use iPhone, it will have a huge impact on many people's lives.
It is understood that the developer preview version of iOS 8 has been formally launched, but the official version will also be available this fall. With iOS 8 further demystify, we will also learn more about the new features of the system.

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