Samsung Galaxy S5 endurance test

This year's flagship phone of Samsung GALAXY S5 has been available for some time, how much I believe we have some of their own views on this phone. And compared to the previous generation S4, S5 updates particularly large magnitude can not be said, in addition to the new features three defenses, heart rate sensors and other hardware, the Samsung GALAXY S5 in the software is also optimized, such as the life of the system. Samsung GALAXY S5 battery capacity of 2800mAh, compared with the previous generation increased 200mAh, and for different situations optimized for life, what these optimizations have not really play a role?

Samsung S5 uses the company's energy-saving technology from LucidLogix suit "PowerExtend" power-saving technology, had also used in the GALAXY Note3. PowerExtend is a budget to reduce the burden by optimizing GPU, thereby reducing power consumption of GPU technology. The technology features in the Samsung S5 phone is mainly reflected in the web browser, the game is running, and cartography. PowerExtend technology is deployed in the system kernel level, without user intervention, but they can not turn itself on or off.

Normal mode: 1 hour video playback
In the following test session in which we were required to use everyday settings: Open WIFI, GPS module, the screen brightness to the middle of the open data movement. First look at the video playback endurance links, we will circulate a period 1080P video playback one hour, to detect the extent of consumption of electricity S5.
The results showed that after one hour of video playback, S5 electricity from 80% to 72% and 8% of electricity consumption, such data in the current smart phone 1080P screen which is quite good, and also shows S5 play video for optimized power consumption played a role.

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