How do doctors treat iOS 8 healthy function

This year the WWDC, integrated in iOS 8 in HealthKit is undoubtedly one of the highlights, Apple's first attempt health data from different sources to integrate, hoping HealthKit specification currently cohabitation wearable market, while allowing the data platform gradually involved in the medical field .
Well, the doctor is how to treat HealthKit this tool does? It really just "quantitative self" enthusiasts tool, or to accurately and effectively cut the health care market? On Quora, a doctor named Jae Won Joh given answer is: it has huge potential.
Jae said that in HealthKit integrated health data in, calories, sleep, heart rate and other types of data looks nothing special, really from a clinical perspective, there are four data types deserve special attention: diagnostic features, laboratory test results, medication and vital signs.

This means that it can save the user's past medical testing of all types of information, such as X-ray, CT, vaccination records, too dense history, what medications to take, take time, cause, etc. These data can be even 20 years ago .
Jae said that these data are stored in the cloud, as if by means of Touch ID to access these health data pass, and then compare the way the existing medical records, will think this is revolutionary.
"The New York of cancer patients and their families want to move to Michigan can now be more at ease, and she does not need hard to export their medical records from the hospital system in New York, but do not need to burn a radiology image DVD. She just use your fingers into the new EMR ...... injured patients were taken to a nearby low-level hospitals, found to have severe unstable ankle after imaging taken after senior hospital authorized by the patient, his data can be in a few within minutes to the new hospital, the surgeon can download these data to assess the need for emergency surgery, no longer cumbersome paper-based material through the iPad, no DVD image up. "
Jae HealthKit may be considered the first step in creating a common EMR, if Apple can choose the right partner, and that they will address the most difficult issues currently in the medical field - patient data transfer.

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